3 Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Car

The popularity of electric cars are gaining momentum and many drivers in Singapore are contemplating whether now is a good time to make the switch. And with a ton of Government rebates still available for early adopters, we definitely think that buying an electric car now is definitely a smart move!

As electric cars are still rather new in the automotive space, with stark differences to your traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) cars, there’s a lot of factors a potential car buyer must consider before making a purchase.

To help you on your way to a greener future, here are 3 things you should look out for when buying an electric car.

Battery Range

EVs in Singapore come with a battery range anywhere from 200 KM to more than 500 KM, so there’s quite a good selection to choose from.

When deciding how much battery range is enough for you, the first thing you should do is calculate how much you usually drive a month. On average, most Singaporeans drive about 1,500 KM a month. 

So, if you own a car that offers 250 KM of range, this means more trips to the charging station, which could pose a huge inconvenience to your lifestyle. 

Especially compared to a car like the BYD e6, which has an advertised range of 522 KM, your trips to the charging station will be halved. 

So, buying an EV with a higher range capacity is arguably the better choice for most drivers as you’d be able to travel further on a single charge, as well as make fewer trips to the charging station.

Charging Locations

Charging your EV is not like fuelling up your car because it takes a lot more time to complete. But this doesn’t mean that owning an EV is only viable for landed property owners!

As long as you can find charging stations near your home or your office, charging up your EV won’t be an inconvenience at all. Furthermore, with the Government’s plan to install 60,000 charging stations across the island by 2030, you’ll surely have even more options in time to come.

Charging Time

The location of these charging stations is important, but charging time is also something you must consider.

While charging time is affected by the charger’s power output, each EV also has its own charging capabilities. 

For instance, the BYD e6’s blade battery is able to charge up from 5% to 100% in less than 2 hours on an AC 40kW charger and around 1.5 hours on a DC 60kW charger.

These timings are even quicker if you charge up your car from 30% to 80%, which is the recommended charging state your car should be driven in to ensure optimal and efficient battery lifespan. On an AC 40kW charger, you’ll need 1 hour and on a DC 60kW charger, you’ll only need 35mins to charge!

When making the switch to an electric car, these are the 3 biggest considerations you’ll have to factor in before making the purchase. This is because the battery range and charging is the main difference when owning an EV. So, once you have an answer to these, you’ll be ready to own an EV of your own!

If you’re in the market for an electric car, you should definitely consider the BYD e6 — the most affordable EV in Singapore right now. Learn more about the BYD e6 here.