7 Ways to Maximize Your EV’s Range While Reducing Wear & Tear

Whether it’s your tires, brake pads, or even battery, wear and tear issues are inevitable. However, there are some good driving habits you can practice that can help you minimize the impact of wear and tear while maximizing your electric car’s battery range!

Check out these 7 tips to find out how you can reduce your EV battery’s wear and tear while maximizing your battery range! 

Set Your Regenerative Braking to “MAX/High”

Instead of putting your foot down on the brakes all the time, you should always try to leverage on your electric car’s energy-recovering regenerative braking function. 

We recommend enabling your car’s maximum regenerative braking setting when driving, this will help send extra power back to the vehicle’s batteries while decelerating. As such, the function will also help you increase your battery range and reduce wear and tear on your brake pads.

Minimize Exposure to High Temperatures, in Storage and Use

As best as you can, you should park your EV in the shade when not in use or make sure it’s plugged in. Plugging it in when not in use allows for your battery’s thermal management system to function using grid power, which helps with reducing over-exerting your battery.

Avoid Driving at High Speed

Speeding is something we don’t advocate for. It’s not only dangerous, but it can reduce your EV’s range considerably too, especially when driven above 100km per hour.

As an example, driving your EV at 110km per hour on a highway can reduce the range by roughly 18%!

Drive Smoothly

Similar to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, accelerating and braking harshly will affect the energy consumption of your vehicle.

To ensure your energy consumption levels don’t spike, practice defensive driving habits and drive smoothly. This will help maximize your EV’s range and also reduce wear and tear in your tires, brake pads, and more.

Check Your Tyre Pressure

It’s a known fact that driving with under-inflated tires can cause excessive wear to your wheel. It will also cause an increase in resistance while driving, which will lover your EV’s range.

We recommend that you make it a habit to check your tire pressure and get it pumped if necessary. If you’re looking for a new set of tires, go for a set that has lower rolling resistance. This will help improve your EV’s range significantly, as compared to using a “normal” set of wheels.

Don’t Overuse Your Air Con

We know that Singapore’s super hot but air-condition systems that are set at “high” settings will use a lot more energy compared to other equipment in the car. Try to avoid always setting the air-conditioning too high all the time.

Travel Light

Remember, the weight of occupants and storage items can reduce the range of the car as well. Make sure to remove unnecessary heavy items as this will help with your EV’s efficiency.