green ride

7-Seater MPV

Discover Singapore's First
7-seater Electric MPV

Guaranteed Comfort for the Family

With versatile seating configurations, a spacious cabin and a quiet drive, going on long trips will be a breeze for everyone onboard

BYD M3e Interior
Save Time on Charging Up

Charge up in less than 1.5 hours and travel as far as 300 KM on one full charge — yay to more time with the family

BYD M3e Interior

Battery efficiency that will outlast even your COE!

Long Lasting Battery Life
BYD M3e Interior

With a 4,000 cycle lifespan, the M3e’s battery can retain its capacity and work efficiently for at least 10 years — that’s longer than your COE!

BYD M3e Interior
BYD M3e Exterior
The Future Starts with You

Build a sustainable future for your kids and go on greener journeys with 0 emissions from this 100% electric MPV

Space and Comfort

for Your Next Family Road Trip

Space and Comfort for Your Next Family Road Trip

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BYD's M3e seven-seater lacks bells, whistles and polish, but is unbeatable on the price front

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The BYD M3e is the most affordable passenger electric MPV that you can buy in Singapore today

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