Destination Charging: EV Charging at Jurong Lake

The first weekend of the end of stabilisation phase and the start of the school holidays! With social gatherings up to 5, a long-awaited family weekend awaits. We recommend heading out to Jurong Lake Gardens while charging your BYD at 188 Boon Lay Drive. Find out why Jurong Lake Gardens is a must-visit here!

Looking for an EV? The BYD e6 takes just 40 minutes to charge from 20% to 80% on a DC charger, and just 1 hour on a DC charger, while it can take more than double (or even triple) the time for other EV brands.

Forest Ramble

Forest Ramble is a nature-inspired playground for children to sweat it out! Being the largest nature playground, it offers 13 different stations with distinctive features to explore. The stations have a unique design and structure too.

Butterfly Maze

Next, get your (or your children’s) brain juices going with the Butterfly Maze! This maze has an open landscape filled with butterflies where they’ll have to walk different paths to find their way out.

Rasau Walk

Rasau Walk is a 300m boardwalk where one can enjoy the scenery and catch sight of insects and birds. Being a freshwater swamp, over 50 species of plants can be found. Great place to get some peace and quiet.


End off your journey at the Grasslands! Known as the ‘lalang field’, its soft and dreamy ambience makes a great place for you to snap photos of your kids and yourself. You’ll get truly mesmerizing photos to share!

If you’re in the market for an electric car, you should definitely consider the BYD e6 — one of the most affordable and value for money EVs in Singapore right now.

With super quick charging times on both AC and DC chargers, exceptional boot space and cabin space, and a smooth ride, the e6 is definitely one of the best EVs available on the market.

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